February of 2024: BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!

A relatively mild if wet winter around here and I have to admit that I haven't been spending too much time out in the barn working on projects one would normally exprct a fine artist to be working on.
I am spending most of my time these days working on a book project and doing a lot of gaming: "Starfield", "Resident Evil 4", "God of War"... at least I wait until they are on sale. Difficult to explain or justify... like fine art. I won't spend anytime trying because I mainly wanted to update the BOOK side of things.
"!EUREKA!" (shown below) is pretty much done and only awaiting a final run through by my editor before I start actually promoting it.
My latest project involves re-writing one of Herman Melville's most interesting books: "Pierre; or, The Ambiguities". Making it contemporary, in my style but with Mr. Melville's help. I really am only beginning, so more on that later.
The main thing I wanted to mention here is this new way of directly purchasing my books from the printer I use, IngramSpark.
The printers have decided to help out people like me by allowing direct sales links from the website to them. Use the link just below to save some money on the hardbound edition (my preference) and avoid a trip to Amazon.

LADY-FAME; or, The Fluke
Santino, Peter

COMING SOON! !EUREKA! The long-awaited second novel by Peter Santino.
Now in final editing stages with expected publication in 2024.

cover, EUREKA

From the book jacket:
Eureka local, artist/author/painter-plasterer, Peter Santino, set out to write a guide to restoring and reinforcing historic plaster walls and ceilings. With more than fifty years of experience working in the trade, he felt confident his tips and advice would be of value, not only to fellow tradespeople, but to those homeowners lucky enough to have acquired a historic property.
He also felt confident it would be quite boring. Santino decided to add in some anecdotes and tales gathered growing-up in his unusual hometown, along with a bit of what could be historical information about this hidden gem of a city, far away on California’s Lost Coast.
Early on in his research, he was confronted with some extremely uncomfortable, new information about a blood relative. In dire need of assistance, Santino called upon Edgar Allan Poe and Jack London. Together they uncorked his imagination and gave him license to invent; to make things up.
The simple how-to guide book heated, melted, expanded, and became a novel.

!EUREKA! The long-awaited second novel by Peter Santino.
Look for it in 2024.

In the meantime:

Time to Read: LADY-FAME; or, The Fluke
Now more than ever!

LADY-FAME; or, The Fluke

"Long derided as tacky and vulgar, the design of the '70s is now a source of great inspiration."
– T, The New York Times Style Magazine, March 29, 2015.
LADY-FAME; or, The Fluke is now available for purchase at local bookstores and on most online bookseller sites including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com